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Cap Bearing Inner 5P/3209 D.E. M.481 A PETBOW RAF MOD Vintage Aircraft Spare

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Cap Bearing Inner 5P/3209 D.E. M.481 A PETBOW Royal Air Force Air Ministry MOD Vintage Aircraft Spare.

Solid metal, quite heavy for size. Label shows packed on 3/1/1964.

5P denotes this is for Ground Charging, Transforming Equipment and Motors.

New old stock. Freshly out of original packing for photographing but has been in storage since 1964 so shows some surface corrosion. Listed as parts as untested, for display only and "as is".

Great Cold War era item for display or as part of a steampunk / aviation themed project.

Many more vintage aircraft spares available from our shop! If there is something in particular you need please get in touch.

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